Welcome to our build of the month for March 2016!


This month we’ve built a custom Gaming PC catered to a set budget. ┬áMost of the parts were featured in CPU Magazine and we were able to get parts in quick and easy with Amazon Prime.


Here’s the build:

For a total of : $1,561.29 (keyboard is optional)


After getting the PC built, we decided to overclock the CPU from 3.5oGHz to 4.0GHz and the RAM from 2400 to 2600 making them faster and able plow through anything for this build.


Below are pictures for this build, for more information about about building your own PC, overclocking or any of this information about this parts used in this build, feel free to stop on by our shop!


We’ll be happy to help you roll out your next gaming build, built to your custom needs!


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